How to Share Your Event Registration

Learn how to effortlessly share your event to boost your event's reach! Whether you're organizing a conference, workshop, or social gathering, spreading the word about your event is crucial for its success. Accessing and distributing your event's registration link is simple and effective. Follow these steps to generate your URL and start inviting guests to join your event.

Sharing Your Event Registration URL

Grab your event registration event URL to easily spread the word through your communications. 

  1. Log into Elvanto and navigate to Events > click into the search bar to search for your event
  2. Select your Event and click on the Registration tab > click "View Form".
  3. Your event registration form will open in a new window. Simply copy the web URL to share your event. 
  4. Check out this article to help you trouble shoot common event registration issues. 

Inviting Guests

Send invites to your guests by following these steps:

  1. From your Event page, click on the "Invite Guests" button located towards the right top corner of your screen.
  2. You can invite guests by:
    1. selecting them individually
    2. adding entire groups to your guest list
    3. selecting your guests by specific People Views
  3. Select "Send invites to guest list below" and click "Add to Guest List"
  4. Choose between sending your event invite via Email, SMS, or Email & SMS. A preconfigured email or SMS message will appear including the direct registration link. Note: The SMS option will only show if you have integrated a 3rd party SMS provider with your Elvanto account. Learn more here

Sharing On the Member Area Calendar

Include your event as part of the Member Area Calendar.

  1. From your Event page, select the "Edit" tab and make the following selection:
    1. Under Status choose "Public Event"
    2. Add your event to a calendar, which is set to display within the Member Area
    3. Optionally, you can note the name of the event organizer and assign a specific color for the calendar tab
  2. Click save. Click here to learn more about adding Calendars to your Member Area.





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