How to Mark an Event as Private

Planning and organizing events are essential aspects of managing communities or organizations effectively. In Elvanto, users have the flexibility to create events that are either public or private, ensuring that information is shared with the intended audience. The privacy feature is particularly beneficial when planning events that are meant for a select group of people, such as internal meetings, private gatherings, or special occasions. In this article, we’ll explore how to create a private event, who can access it, and how it appears in the iCal feeds.


When creating or editing an event in Elvanto, users have an option under the ‘Status’ to make the event private. Private events can only be seen by Super Admins, the creator or organizer of the event, and individuals who have been specifically invited to the event. These private events are hidden from all other users on the Elvanto platform.

How to make an event private and who can access it:

  1. Under ‘Status’ when creating or editing an event, select ‘Private’.
  2. The event will now be visible only to Super Admins, the creator or organizer, and those invited.
  3. Despite being private within Elvanto, these events are still visible when subscribing to your calendar using iCal feeds.

As you utilize this feature, keep in mind the visibility settings, especially in the context of iCal feeds, to manage your events effectively. If you have further queries or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out for support. 

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