Setting up Tickets Remaining Display

In Elvanto, you now have the ability to keep track of the number of tickets remaining for your events with ease. You can set up a "Tickets Remaining Display" that allows you to monitor the ticket count both globally and on a per-event basis. Follow the guide below to set this feature up:


Step 1: Configure the Global Settings

This will serve as the default setting for all your events, helping you maintain a uniform ticket tracking system across different events.

  1. Log into Elvanto as an Admin.
    Note: You will need to have access to your accounts global settings to complete the following steps.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Events.
  4. Locate Hide the number of tickets remaining.
  5. Select one of the following: 
    • No, display the number of remaining tickets. (This will show the remaining amount of tickets)
    • Yes, hide the number of remaining tickets.
  6. Select Save.

Step 2: Event-Specific Settings

  1. Log into Elvanto as an Admin.
  2. Select Events.
  3. Select the event you would like to edit or create a new event.
  4. Select the Registration tab.
  5. Locate Remaining Tickets Display.
  6. Select one of these options: 
    • Inherit global setting.
      Note: This inherits the settings from Step 1 above.
    • Hide number of Tickets remaining. 
    • Show number of Tickets remaining.
  7. Select Save.

Remember, the global setting acts as a default, but individual event settings can be customized as per the event's needs. Utilize this feature to manage your event tickets efficiently and provide a seamless experience for your attendees. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.