How can I view my Asset Bookings?

In order to get a quick overview of all active and pending asset bookings you may pull up a list of all upcoming events and filter based on several different search criteria.

Viewing and Filtering Assets

  1. Select Events.
  2. Choose Upcoming.
  3. Select Past Events.
  4. from the dropdown menu.
    • Click into the Filter drop down to select all applicable options:
      1. Timeframe by months
      2. Event Status (active, private, or draft)
      3. Calendars
      4. Locations
      5. Assets
  5. Select Apply to save your filter criteria or choose “clear filters" to restart your selection.
  6. Elvanto will populate a list based on all selected filter options, which can be sorted by: start or end date, calendar, location, asset, and address. 

: You can choose to view your events and associated assets as a list or table by simply clicking "Switch to List” or “Switch to Table”.