How Tithely Payments Works with Elvanto Events

Tithely Payments is a payment gateway that works with Elvanto Events to help you collect payments for your events. In this article, we will cover how to set up Tithely Payments with Elvanto Events and ensure that your payments are recorded in the correct funds in both Tithely and Elvanto.

Setting Up Your Tithely Integration

Before you can start using Tithely Payments with Elvanto Events, you need to set up your Tithely Integration. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the article Setting Up Your Tithely Payment Gateway.

Functionality of Tithely Payments in Elvanto

Once your Tithely Integration is set up, you can start using Tithely Payments with Elvanto Events. Here's how it works:

  1. Create an Event in Elvanto.
  2. Add Tithely Payments as a payment option.
  3. Upon the first registration, a new Fund Name will be automatically created in Tithely.
    Note: This is only created in Tithely, not in Elvanto. The fund name that is created is the same name as the Event Name created in Elvanto. 
  4. Add the matching Fund Name to the Chart of Accounts in Elvanto. 
  5. Review fund mapping in the Tithely Integration. (Optional)
  6. Upon fund creation in Giving, the new fund is also automatically added to the Giving Form. To avoid confusion and ensure that people only pay for registrations using the correct form, we recommend that you hide this fund from your Giving Form. This can be done by editing the fund and unchecking the box "Make fund visible on all forms". See Fund Management for detailed instructions on hiding funds.

Note: This feature is currently not available in connection with using 3D secure.

By following these steps, your events payments will now record in the correct funds in both Tithely and Elvanto. 


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