How to Compose an Email or a Letter

Composing an Email

Once you have selected your recipients, a window will appear. Click on the plus button next to ‘Send an Email’ to start composing your Email.

You can choose to use a template if you would like by selecting it from the drop down menu. Learn more about creating email templates.

To send an email, click ‘Contact People.

Compose a Letter

Click on the ‘Send a Letter’ tab to start composing your Letter.

Using the ‘Generate Address Labels’ button you can print off Address labels, using the Label Size set in Settings > Account Settings.

If you would like to send a letter to only those who cannot be contacted via email or SMS, you can choose this option from the dropdown on the right hand side pane.



Why you shouldn't copy and paste into emails

The Email and Statement Compose windows don't handle copying/pasting from other email platforms, or Word, as the underlying library doesn't support the formatting (i.e. TinyMCE). To keep the source formatting, one option you may want to try is to use COMMAND+SHIFT+V (on Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+V (on Windows) to paste, as this causes the pasted content to exclude any formatting (effectively "pasting as text").

Example: Pasting with a particular font into a compose window in Elvanto will keep the source formatting rather than the destination formatting. Following the above steps will keep that from happening.

Another option is to copy the email content and paste it into the free Notepad app. Then immediately copy and paste it from Notepad into Elvanto. Notepad cleans all the formatting away, including the hidden double spacing.

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