How to Create an Email & Letter Template

Adding a New Email & Letter 

To add a new Email or Letter, hover over the ‘Emails and Letters’ button in the side menu. Click on ‘Add New Email & Letter’.

Email & Letter Details

Give your template a name, set it to active or inactive, and set the default ‘From’ email address for the template.

Create an Email Template

In the ‘Email Subject & Message’ heading, add in a default subject and enter the template text. This text and subject can be edited when sending the email, but will not affect the saved template.


Create a Letter Template

Follow the same approach with creating an Email Template. Under this heading, set the page margins, choose a font style and a font size for the template to use.

Customizing Message Content

Inserting Files to Emails

For Email & Letter Templates, you can also choose to insert a file or an image to the email. This is great if you want to include a header and a footer image for your email template, but not for your general emails that you want to send in your Elvanto account. Learn more about inserting files to emails.

Using Placeholders

You can use placeholders in the Email & Letter template for Elvanto to insert values in the placeholders that you place in the email. This is particularly handy if you want to send a personalized bulk email to 150 people at your church. Read this article for more information about using placeholders.


Set a lockdown to use for the email template. Read this article for more information about how the lockdowns work.

Click ‘Save’ to add template.

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