Understanding One-Click Unsubscribe on Elvanto

Streamlined Email Unsubscribing

Leading email providers like Gmail and Yahoo are now offering a one-click unsubscribe feature, simplifying subscription management. Located at the top of your emails, this convenient button allows you to quickly opt-out of unwanted communications.

Elvanto's Adaptation for Simplicity

In line with these email service providers, Elvanto has adapted to accommodate the one-click unsubscribe functionality. Choosing this option immediately updates your subscription preferences in our system, ensuring your inbox remains tailored to your interests.

Clarity in Reporting for Admins

When the one-click feature is used, it will appear as "One-click unsubscribe" in Elvanto's reports. This distinction is important, as it varies from Elvanto's built-in unsubscribe links. Administrators can thus easily differentiate between the methods used by users to unsubscribe.

By integrating this update, Elvanto reaffirms its dedication to providing a transparent and user-centric email experience.

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