List of Placeholders

Below is a list of the placeholders that are able for use with Elvanto by default.

Extra placeholders are generated when you add Custom Fields via People Categories, and there are certain other placeholders that can only be used in conjunction with certain email templates. These placeholders will be listed in the settings page, relevant to the email template.

Placeholder Name Place Holder short code 
Date %date%
Sender's Name %sender_name%
Sender's First Name %sender_firstname%
Full Address %full_address%
Full Name %fullname%
Full Legal Name %full_legal_name%
First Name %firstname%
Preferred Name %preferred_name%
Middle Name %middle_name%
Last Name %lastname%
People Category %category_id%
Gender %gender%
Date of Birth %birthday%
Age %age%
Marital Status %marital_status%
Anniversary %anniversary%
Member Directory %member_directory_hide%
Full Contact Details %full_contact_details%
Email Address %email%
Phone Number %phone%
Mobile Number %mobile%
Departments %department_id%
Department Positions %department_positions%
Demographics %demographic_id%
Locations %location_id%
Service Types %service_type_id%
Groups %group_id%
User Name %username%
Reports To Person %reports_to%
Full Mailing Address %full_mailing_address%
Mailing Address %mailing_address%
Mailing Address Line 2 %mailing_address2%
Mailing City %mailing_city%
Mailing State %mailing_state%
Mailing ZIP Code %mailing_postcode%
Mailing Country %mailing_country%
Full Home Address %full_home_address%
Home Address %home_address%
Home Address Line 2 %home_address2%
Home City %home_city%
Home State %home_state%
Home ZIP Code %home_postcode%
Home Country %home_country%
Primary & Spouse %family_primary_spouse%
Primary & Spouse First Names %family_primary_spouse_firstname%
Family Member Names %family_members_names%
Family Member Relationships %family_members_relationships%
Children Names %family_children_names%
Year in School %school_grade%
Development Child %development_child%
Special Needs Child %special_needs_child%
Security Code %security_code%
Receipt Name %receipt_name%
Giving Number %giving_number%