Communicating With People

Elvanto allows you to contact people as well as store their information. You can contact multiple people at once by email, SMS, or by printing letters. Templates can be created for emails and letters you send out on a regular basis.

Contacting Members

Sending Emails

Things to Consider:

  • Owning your own domain name and having your own email hosting will help ensure emails are sent as expected.
  • Add CNAME records to your domains to help prevent emails from being considered spam.
  • Ensure all email addresses are correct.

Sending SMS

There are a number of options for SMS providers. Keep in mind that, with the limitations of SMS technology, SMS services in Elvanto are not as robust or versatile as email.

Handling Duplicates

Elvanto has an inbuilt duplicate checker to help ensure you’re not working with duplicate people in the database.

Increasing Reliability of Communication

To help ensure that your SMS and email communications get through correctly, we recommend following these best practices:

  1. Use an email address from a domain you own, and add DKIM and SPF records for your domain.
  2. Use an integrated SMS provider. While Email-to-SMS is free, the technology is not as reliable.