Setting Up Your Tithely Payment Gateway

Adding a payment gateway can be useful in creating paid events or anything else you need to obtain payment at your church. Setting this up is just a few simple steps. Follow the directions below, and you’ll be done in minutes. 

Access Permissions required:

Setting Up Your Tithely Payment Gateway

  1. You can request your API Keys from Tithely support either by emailing Tithely at or using the chat function.
    It is important to note that we can only issue API keys to the Account Owner, and they must send us an email from their Account Owner email address linked to their Tithely account.
  2. Log into Elvanto
  3. Navigate to Settings

  4. Search or locate and select Integrations 

  5. Select Add

  6. Click on Payments under Payment Gateways.

  7. Use the API Keys that you received from the Tithely Support team and insert the Private and Public Keys, then click Select Organization.

  8. Select your Organization name and click Save.

  9. Once the integration has been enabled, you can navigate to Settings, then to Events, and configure any Tax Settings and Processing Fees you want to desire for this payment method.

  10. Tithely Payments will now be an option for your events. Navigate to your Event and enable this payment method by clicking Enable next to Tithely Payments. 

Video Walkthrough


You are now set up to run transactions through your Elvanto Account!

If you have any questions about this feel free to message us through the chat bubble in the lower right corner or email us at!

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