How to Set Up Your Account Ready to Accept Event Registrations

This article will guide you through the steps to get event registration ready to be used within your account.

Online Payment Methods

If you wish to accept payment from an online payment gateway (such as credit card or PayPal) you first need to ensure you have signed up for your account. We currently support the following online payment methods:

  1. Tithely Payment Gateway (preferred method for Tithely customers)
  2. Stripe

  3. Paypal

You will first need to sign up for an account at your preferred gateways website. Once you have done this, you need to log into your Elvanto account and go to the Settings -> Integrations page, click the ‘Add Integration’ button, and select the payment gateway you wish to set up.

Follow the prompts to add your API keys.

As a quick note, once you’re finished testing the Stripe Integration, edit the integration and replace the Test API details with your live API details to ensure that the payments go through correctly.

Event Settings

Next, head over to Settings -> Events to configure additional preferences.


You can enable tax and set the percentage or choose to include or exclude tax by default. Tax can be configured on a per-event basis, so you can enable it in the event itself if preferred; these will be your default settings. This article explains how we calculate fees and taxes.

Payment Methods

If you have enabled any online payment gateways, they will be displayed here. Offline payment methods may also be added. When a person registering for your event chooses an offline payment method, they will be issued an unpaid invoice requiring payment.

All payment methods allow you to add fees. This will allow you to pass on credit card fees to your registrants. This article explains how fees and taxes are calculated.

Part Payments

Part payments allow registrants to pay only a portion of the amount owed for a registration.

If you allow part payments, you can specify the minimum amount or percentage of each part payment within the event’s registration section.

Minimum Payment Value

The minimum payment value is the minimum amount for a partial payment, regardless of the number of people registering for an event.

The minimum value for a partial payment is $1000 to register for a ticket.
If someone adds two tickets, they will only need to pay $ 1,000 as a partial payment, not $ 2,000 because there are two tickets.

🌟 Tithely Tip: Change "value" to "percentage" to set the minimum amount for partial payments to adjust to multiple tickets rather than being a flat number.


Choose how you would like to handle invoice numbers and aspects of the layout of your invoices.


Configure whether you want to display QR codes or barcodes on your tickets.

You’re Ready to Create Events!

Now that you’re set up, you can add registration to your events!