Recording Event Attendance using Standard Form

This article explains how to utilize standard forms to collect signups for repeating events, which do not require tickets.

Note: This setup is not designed for ticketed event registrations requiring online or onsite payments

Form Setup 

  1. Select Forms > Create Form > Standard Form
  2. Name your form, choose a status, and select a category (optional)
    • Unpublished: form is only visible to admins and cannot be accessed through the public URL
    • Published: form is available to registrants via public URL
    • Archived: form is only visible to admins and cannot be accessed through the public URL
  3. Make your selection for Multi Form Submissions as well as Auto Fill.
  4. Enable Event Attendance in order to link your standard form to one or multiple events. Reminder: this signup will not trigger the creation of invoices, tickets, nor prompt the collection of payments.

    1. Allow multi registrations or require one form submission per linked event
    2. Choose whether form submissions will need to be approved by an admin, before a person is added to the guest list
    3. In order to display your events on your form, choose the time frame during which your events are occurring. 
    4. Search for your events by date that can be registered for using this form.

    5. Click Save to save your progress.
  5. Follow these instructions to continue customizing your sign up form. 

Elvanto Tip

In order to add new registrants to the event guest list or to be able to send them a follow up email, a profile must be created in Elvanto. Choose Add or update profile automatically or Add or update profile after admin approval under Form Submission Updating Database.

In conclusion, Standard Forms provide a quick and easy way to collect information and to smoothly add guests to free events, completely without the need to use invoices or tickets. 

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