How to Provide Payment Instructions for Custom Payment Methods

To add payment instructions to a custom payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings:

    • Go to Settings > Events.
  2. Edit Payment Method:

    • Click “Edit” next to the payment method you want to add instructions to.
  3. Add Payment Instructions:

    • In the payment method settings, add the specific payment instructions. This is especially useful for including details like bank account information for bank transfers.
  4. Include Placeholder in Invoice:

    • Make sure to add the %payment_instructions% placeholder to either your invoice footer or header under Settings > Events. This ensures the instructions are included in the invoices sent to registrants.

    • Note: If you do not include the %payment_instructions% placeholder anywhere, the instructions will not be provided to your registrants.

Setting Up a Free Event

You can also set up an event as free by going to the payment section of your events and ensuring no charges are applied.