How to Add Registration to an Event with Tickets and Payments

Setting up event registration in Elvanto allows you to manage tickets, discount codes, and additional settings for a seamless registration process. This guide will walk you through setting up and enabling registration for your event.

Steps to Set Up Event Registration

  1. Access Registration Settings:

    • When editing an event, navigate to the ‘Registration’ tab.
    • Enable registration and set up your event details.
  2. Tickets:

    • Add multiple tickets to your event.
    • Set individual price points (zero for free events) and registration limits.
    • For repeating events, choose to charge for each occurrence or the entire event.
    • Set an overall ticket limit for the event.
    • Click the cog icon for more settings like descriptions and availability dates.


    • Early Bird Ticket: $25, available until June 9, 2017.
    • VIP Ticket: $150, available with no expiration.
  3. Ticket Availability Dates:

    • Set availability dates for tickets to control when they can be purchased.
    • Useful for creating "Early Bird" tickets or limited-time offers.
  4. Discount Codes:

    • Add discount codes to provide percentage or value-based discounts.
    • Set usage limits and availability dates.
    • Specify which tickets the discount can be applied to.


    • Percent-Based Discount: 10% off total.
      • 3 “Early Bird” tickets at $25 each with a 10% discount = $67.50.
    • Amount-Based Discount: $10 off total.
      • 5 “Early Bird” tickets at $25 each with a $10 discount = $115.
  5. Additional Settings:

    • Adjust settings like currency, tax, payment methods, and part payments.
    • Customize settings to cater to events in different locations.
  6. Accepting Registrations:

    • Once registration is set up and enabled, create an event registration form to start accepting registrations.
    • Ensure the form collects all necessary information for each ticket type.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage event registration, ticket sales, and discounts, providing a smooth experience for your attendees.