How to Accept Attendance Sign Up for an Event

If you do not wish to allow registrations with tickets and payments, you can simply accept attendance sign-ups for your event. People stored in your database can respond with yes, no, or maybe to attend your event.

  1. Event Registration URL:

    • When adding or editing an event, you have the option to enter the ‘Register URL’ for the event.
    • If you leave this field set to none, by default any people invited to the event will have an option to accept, decline, or mark themselves as a maybe when viewing the event page.
    • To capture extra details from attendees, you can use the ‘Register URL’ field to direct them to a registration form.
  2. Registration via Form:

    • By enabling this option, you can connect an existing form from your Elvanto account.
    • Elvanto will display a button for users to click on to register using the form. If users are not existing users in the system, Elvanto can create new people after they fill in the form.
  3. Registration via Third-Party Website:

    • By enabling this option, you can choose to display an external link for your attendees to register.
    • Simply copy and paste the link into the URL field when you select this option.
    • Elvanto will then display a link to direct your users to register for your event.

By following these steps, you can easily manage attendance sign-ups for your event without the need for tickets and payments.

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