How to Create an Event

Creating an event in Elvanto is straightforward. Follow these steps to set up your event:

  1. Navigate to the Events Page:

    • From the Admin Area, go to Events > Add Event.
  2. Enter Event Details:

    • A page will load where you can enter details about the event.
    • Fill in the Event Name.
    • Select the Event Type from the dropdown menu.
    • Set the Location for the event.
    • Choose the Date and Time for the event. You can add multiple dates if it is a recurring event.
  3. Set Up Registration:

    • Go to the Registration tab.
    • Enable registration for the event.
    • Add multiple tickets, each with its own price point and registration limit.
    • Set Ticket Availability Dates to control when tickets can be purchased.
    • Add descriptions for the tickets to inform attendees about what each ticket type includes.
  4. Add Discount Codes:

    • Configure discount codes to provide percentage or value-based discounts.
    • Set limits on how many times a discount can be used.
    • Specify which tickets the discount applies to.
  5. Adjust Additional Settings:

    • Configure additional settings like currency, tax, payment methods, and enable part payments if needed.
  6. Save the Event:

    • Once all the details are entered, save the event to finalize the setup.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create and manage your event in Elvanto.

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