Event Attendance in Elvanto

The Event Check-In feature allows churches to manage event attendance by checking people into events they have purchased tickets for or RSVP'd to. Churches can set up a "Check-in" station where attendees can present their tickets for scanning or be searched by name. Once checked in, their status will change to "Attended" for that event.

How to Find the Feature

  1. Navigate to your Event.
  2. View the “Guests” or “Invoices & Tickets” tab.
  3. Click the “Record Attendance” button.

How to Search People

  1. Click the “Record Attendance” button to bring up a simple input field.

Method #1 - Barcode and QR Code Scanning

  1. Get out your QR/Barcode scanner and plug it into your device.
  2. On the Record Attendance page, place the cursor within the Ticket Number field.
  3. Scan the code found on the ticket to automatically populate the ticket number and check your guest in.

Method #2 - Ticket Number

  1. Enter the ticket number into the Ticket Number field.
  2. Once you see the ticket number needed, click the “Check-In” button.

Method #3 - Guest Name

  1. Search for guests by their names.
  2. Once you find the person you want to check in, click the “Check-In” button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When searching by name, the guest must be added to the system and included in the “Guest List” of the event. People not on the guest list cannot currently be marked as attended. You must invite them to the event first, then you can mark them as attended. For ticketed events, it is recommended to use the ticket number for searching, but the name search can be used for other events.

Seeing Who Has Attended

You can see who is marked as attended in two places:

  1. Within the guest list, where attendees will be marked as Attended.
  2. In the Ticket list, where individual tickets will be marked as Attended if attendees were checked in using Barcode or QR code Scanning.