Event Attendance in Elvanto

This is a feature designed to allow churches to check people into events that they have purchased tickets for, or have otherwise RSVP'ed for (for non-ticketed events) 

For the longest time we’ve generated barcodes that get placed on the tickets we print out, but we’ve never done anything with them. Now we are using them! 🎉

Using this feature, a church can set up a “Check-in” station for the event, and when people turn up to the event, they can either present their ticket to be scanned to check them in, or they can be searched by name.

Once checked in, it will be recorded that they are “Attended” for that event, instead of just “Attending” the event.

How to find the feature

When you view the “Guests” or “Invoices and Tickets” tab of an event, there will be a new button for “Record Attendance”


How to Search People

Once you hit the “Record Attendance” button above, it will bring up a simple input field.

Method #1 - Barcode

If you have a ticket with a barcode on it, you can quickly scan the barcode to check that ticket in.

Method #2 - Ticket Number

Search the ticket number by typing the number in:

Once you see the ticket number needed, you can simply select the ticket by clicking the “Check-In” button.

Method #3 - Guest Name

You can also search for guests by their names.

Once you find the person you want to check-in, simply click the “Check-In” button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When searching by name, it does require the guest to be added into the system and in the “Guest List” of the event. For ticketed events, we’d recommend using the ticket number to search for people, but the name search can be used for other events.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: People not on the guest list can not currently be marked as attended. You’d have to invite them to the event first, then you can mark them as attended.

Seeing who has attended

You can see who is marked as attended in two places:

Firstly, within the guest list you’ll see them as being marked as Attended.

In the Ticket list, you’ll also see the individual tickets marked as Attended if they checked in via their ticket.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a person checks in using their ticket, their ticket will be marked as attended and they will be marked as attended in the guest list. If you just mark them as attended via searching their name, it will not mark their ticket as attended.

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