Link Assets to an Event

Assets and rooms can be linked to events in Elvanto, providing a streamlined way to manage bookings and facility use.

Creating Assets

  1. Identify Rooms and Assets: Identify rooms or assets in your building that can be booked for events, such as a church hall, kitchen, or stage.
  2. Create as Assets: Create these rooms and assets within Elvanto. This allows them to be linked to events in the calendar.

Booking and Approvals

  • Link to Events: When an event is booked in the calendar, link the necessary rooms and assets to the event.
  • Approval Process: Choose to have bookings approved by an administrator for specific assets. This ensures proper oversight and management.


  • Event Organizer View: Assets attached to events will only display on the calendar for the event organizer.
  • Edit Permissions: Users with the ability to edit events will also be able to view the linked assets.

Asset Categories

Assets can be assigned to categories, allowing for easier management and grouping of similar items.

Using Asset Categories
  • Linking Packages: Asset categories are useful for linking parts of a package deal. For example, grouping a hall, kitchen, and stage into one category.
  • Grouping: Group assets into categories such as ‘vehicles’ or ‘rooms’ to streamline the booking process.
  • Example: If your church hall has an attached kitchen, small stage, and outdoor barbecue area, you can create an asset category for the hall and its features. When a group books the hall, they can easily select the features they need. This notifies other relevant teams, such as the sound team, about the assets being used.

By effectively managing assets and rooms in Elvanto, you can ensure that all resources are utilized efficiently and that all necessary parties are informed and prepared for events.