People Activity Reports Overview

This article will walk you through the steps of utilizing the People Activity Report feature in Elvanto. Whether you're tracking individual activities or analyzing trends over time, this tool provides valuable insights into your organization's interactions. Learn how to customize your reports by selecting specific activities and filtering criteria, and enhance your analysis by adding additional fields to your report. 


Using the People Activity Report

  1. Log into Elvanto and navigate to People > Reports > People Activity (please reach out to an admin in case you are unable to view People/Reports to request additional access permission credentials)

  2. Click into the drop-down menu to select from the list of activities you would like to report on. All individual reports will reflect the action for a given time period based on the selected filter criteria (People Categories, Demographics, Locations - leave selection blank if you’d like to search across all). Add any additional fields you would like to display in your report by ticking the corresponding field from the available people columns: 
    1. Added
    2. Marked as Active (For Legacy Customers Only: find out more here in regards to your active adult count and billing)
    3. Marked as Contact
    4. Archived: This report additionally also reflects the archive reason (if this information was collected during the archival process). Learn more here regarding the set up of Archive Reason. 
    5. Marked as Deceased
    6. Deleted
    7. Emails Sent: Learn more about viewing email activity here
    8. SMS Sent: More information regarding SMS delivery issues can be found here
    9. Added to Group
    10. Removed from Group
    11. Added to People Flow
    12. Added to People Flow Step



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