How to Integrate Your Account With MailChimp

To integrate your account with MailChimp, make sure you have already created an account with MailChimp.

Steps to Set Up the Integration

  1. Login to Elvanto:

    • Go to the Admin Area and navigate to Settings.
  2. Access Integrations:

    • Select Integrations and click the Add Integration button at the top of the page.
  3. Choose MailChimp:

    • From the window that appears, click on MailChimp from the list.
  4. Enter MailChimp API Key:

    • Enter your MailChimp API key in the text field.
    • If you have put in a valid key, it will load all your lists and groups from your MailChimp account. Simply select the relevant lists you would like people to subscribe to.
    • How to get your API Key.
  5. Require Opt-In:

  6. Save Changes:

    • Once you save the changes, you can now edit people and select what lists to subscribe them to. Easy!

Adding People to a New MailChimp Account

  1. Create a Standard Report:

  2. Export Report as CSV:

  3. Check Subscription Preferences:

    • Once people have been successfully imported and subscribed to the correct list, you should be able to see their subscription preferences underneath the ‘Email Address’ field in their user account.

Syncing MailChimp Subscribers with Elvanto

  1. Automatic Sync:

    • If you already had an existing MailChimp account, a person in your database is already subscribed to a list, it will automatically sync with your Elvanto account.
  2. Updating Information:

    • If you change a name or email address in Elvanto, it will automatically update in your MailChimp account.
    • If you update a name or email address in MailChimp, this will not be synced to Elvanto. For this reason, we recommend making changes in Elvanto to ensure data is current.

For more detailed steps and additional settings, refer to the specific articles linked above.