How to Install DYMO Software for Elvanto Label Printing

DYMO label printers integrate with Elvanto to allow for a seamless check-in system. Along with using DYMO Printers we recommend using DYMO brand labels. 

Supported DYMO Printers

  • DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo  

  • DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo

  • DYMO LabelWriter 550 Turbo

Please note the following for specific printers:

  • DYMO legacy devices: DYMO legacy devices (400, 400 Turbo, 400 Twin Turbo, 400 DUO) may still be compatible, however we do not support DYMO devices earlier than the 450 series.

  • Twin Turbo printers: While the Twin Turbo is compatible, we recommend a single opening printer. When using the Twin Turbo printer, only one opening can be used at a time, and you will not be able to select which opening is used when printing labels.

  • DYMO Wireless printers: DYMO Wireless printers are not officially supported for use with Elvanto. While it may be possible to use a DYMO Wireless printer, they require a connection to a wireless network shared with the computer or print station used for printing. This should not be attempted unless you have an IT staff member knowledgeable in the administration of networked environments, as we do not provide this level of support. A wired connection to a printer is more reliable than a wireless connection.

Supported Operating Systems and Versions

A computer running Windows or macOS must be used to perform label printing through Elvanto. There is no workaround that we support. The versions below are supported by our team:
Supported PC Operating System Versions:

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 11

Supported Mac Operating System Versions:

  • macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

  • macOS 10.15(Catalina)

  • macOS 11 (Big Sur)

  • macOS 12 (Monterey)

Which Browsers are Supported?

We recommend using Safari or Firefox browsers for Check-in.

If you have an issue when using your DYMO printer, one of the easiest actions you can take is trying to print from a different browser such as Safari or Firefox. If printing is successful, the issue with printing was the browser type. If the same issue is happening when switching between multiple browsers, please refer to our troubleshooting section for other things to check.

We have had issues with Elvanto's Check-in page working properly with Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome updates. When a browser updates, often we have to wait on DYMO to accommodate for that change since our Elvanto check-in page works in tandem with DYMO to print. In this scenario, the best thing to do is try another browser.

Install DYMO Software on Windows

  1. Make sure your printer is not plugged in when installing software or restarting your computer.

  2. The Dymo Software Download Center allows you to search and download the software needed. 
    DYMO Software Download Center.gif

Install DYMO Software on Mac

  1. Make sure your printer is not plugged in when installing software or restarting your computer.

  2. The Dymo Software Download Center allows you to search and download the software needed. 
    DYMO Software Download Center.gif

  3. Execute the downloaded package DYMOConnect_Signed.pkg. Then, follow the installation step to the success message. 

  4. Click the Close button, then the Terminal app will pop up around the Install app for you to enter your password.

  5. Once you enter your password, a new password pop-up will appear for you to enter your password again.

  6. The DYMO icon will populate in the menu bar.
    Screen_Shot_2022-09-23_at_11.53.32_AM.pngWhen you click the Dymo icon, a menu will pop-up. Click Diagnose from the pop-up menu.
    If you can see the below screen, then the Mac Web Api service was installed successfully.

  7. When you reboot, if you can not find the DYMO icon in the menu bar, you will need to add the app login item manually.

  8. Go to the Apple icon and click System Preferences.

  9. In the pop-up menu, Click Users & Groups on the System Preferences screen.

  10. Click the + button at the bottom of the Login Items tab on the Users & Groups screen.

  11. Select to add to your Login Items.

  12. If you found DYMO.WebApi.Mac.Host app exists in Login Items, the service will run automatically on login.

Things not going as planned? Here are some troubleshooting tips!

Mac OS X - Blocked Software Install

The DYMO Software is a package downloaded online and is considered a ‘third-party app.’ If you are unable to install your DYMO drivers and you’re getting a message similar to Blocked Software Install:

i. Check ‘Security & Privacy’ in System Preferences to see if your OS X installation is blocking the ability for you to install the software on your computer.

ii. Click the padlock icon at the bottom left of the window to make a change and allow apps to be downloaded from ‘Anywhere.’ You should now be able to install the DYMO LabelWriter software and SDK. Make sure to switch this setting back to the original setting after the software has been installed.

Windows - Blocked Software Install (Windows UAC)

Windows UAC (User Account Control) may occasionally block your ability to install programs on your system. If you have Administrator access, you can bypass this option by following this Microsoft article.

  1. Login to your Elvanto Admin account.

  2. Navigate to Settings.

  3. Select Check-in.

  4. Click the Label Printing tab.

  5. Select the software you have installed on the computer and click save.
    ❗ Important Note: In order to print correctly, Elvanto needs to know what software is being used.

    • If you are using a DYMO LabelWriter 550 Turbo, select DYMO Connect.

    • If you are using a DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo, or DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo select DYMO Label Software.

Select Software for Printing in Settings

🌟 Tip: If you have multiple computers being used with both 450 and 550 printers, you can switch the software being used on a per-computer basis by overriding the global setting. To do this, simply navigate to the Check-in area in Elvanto and switch the "Account Default" setting to whichever software you have on the computer you're using.

Once you've successfully installed your software, you get started with Adding Print Stations. 🎉

Troubleshooting Your Printer

If you are having trouble installing the required software to make the Check-in system work with your computer, try the suggestions below. We’ve included common issues people have encountered when trying to get their DYMO Printers working with our Check-in System.

  1. Try a Different Browser

    Browser updates can cause issues if DYMO has not updated accordingly. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are two browsers that have caused issues in the past, so trying a different browser like Safari or Firefox is the easiest thing you can test before uninstalling/reinstalling the software.

  2. Run a Test Print

    The Print Me That Label page by DYMO can be used to check if the label software is running correctly. If you can’t print from there, there could be problems to do with the software or the printer itself.

  3. Reinstall the DYMO Software

    After installing the required software and plugging the printer in, the label printer should work automatically when trying to print from Elvanto.
    If this is not happening, the most common fix for printer issues with the Elvanto check-in system is to simply delete the DYMO software you have installed as well as the associated DYMO printer and reinstall the required software for the device that you have.
    Step 1: Delete the existing DYMO software
    You can delete the software under the "Add or Remove Programs" or "Apps & Features" area of your computer if you have a PC (the name may vary depending on the device you're using). If you are on a Mac computer, use the Finder and make sure you're searching for DYMO on "This Mac."

    Search for DYMO printer

    Step 2: Delete saved DYMO Printers

    Next, go to your device's "Printers & Scanners" area and delete any DYMO Printers listed there. That area may look something like this:

    Identify DYMO printer

    Delete printer

    Step 3: Unplug DYMO Printers

    Once both the software and printers are deleted from your device, unplug your DYMO printer from your computer's USB port. (It might be worth restarting your computer and searching that all DYMO-related software/printers did in fact get deleted.)
    Step 4: Reinstall the Correct Software.
    Step 5: Restart your computer.
    Step 6: Plug in your DYMO printer.
    Step 7: Print a label from Elvanto's check-in area to test if the installation was successful.

  4. Check the Web-Service Is Running

    You should see the DLS application icon within the system tray. Right-click this icon to display a context menu. The menu displays the web service’s status (i.e., “Started on port 41951” or “Stopped”).
    📄 More Information: DYMO Label Web Service FAQ


  1. Windows - You can start the web service again by navigating to the DLS working folder and running the executable named DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe

  2. Mac - Open a Finder window, navigate to the /Library/Frameworks/DYMO/SDK/ folder, and click on the icon. Open a terminal prompt and enter the following command: launchctl start com.dymo.dls.webservice

Troubleshooting Error Messages

Windows - Printer Not Found / Unknown Device

If your DYMO Printer is plugged into a USB port and the computer isn’t recognizing the printer, try these steps if you are on a PC.

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on.

  2. Plug the USB cable into the USB port of the computer. If you do not get a ‘New Hardware Found’ message, launch ‘Device Manager’ by going to Start > Run and searching for ‘devmgmt.msc’.

  3. In the Device Manager window, see if there are any devices marked with yellow flags. Check under Universal Serial Bus Controllers if there are any records for ‘Unknown Device’. If you have found any devices marked with either of these, perform an uninstall of the device.

  4. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and restart the computer.

  5. When the computer boots up, download and install the latest DYMO driver. Make sure the printer is turned on before plugging the USB cable back into the computer. The computer should then detect the printer and install the drivers automatically.

Try this on another computer if you do not get a ‘New Hardware Found’ message or no mention that a printer is listed in the Device Manager.

If none of the above options have solved the printing issue, it may be necessary to reach out to DYMO Support directly using this form. In that event, follow the instructions below to collect information for them.

Collect trace/log information and send it to DYMO support

DYMO can generate log/trace information that you can pass on to DYMO support for further help. To get the log/trace information, use DebugView on Windows or the built-in Console application on Mac. You can also reference this DYMO article for additional information.

On Windows:

  1. Start DebugView

  2. Do a test check-in in your Elvanto account

  3. Print a label

  4. Copy all messages displayed in DebugView.

On Mac:

  1. Open the Console application.

  2. Clear current messages

  3. Do a test check-in in your Elvanto account

  4. Print a label

  5. Copy all messages displayed

Send all the collected messages via the contact form on the DYMO website (Choose your country and then select ‘Support’ from the main menu to find the contact form).


Important Notice for Mac Users: DYMO Connect Web Service Issue

If you are experiencing issues with the DYMO Connect web service on your Mac, please be aware that newer downloads of the DYMO Connect software may not function as expected due to compatibility issues. DYMO has acknowledged this problem and recommends a specific workaround for Mac users who need to utilize the web service for Elvanto.

Recommended Solution:
To resolve the web service issue on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall your current version of DYMO Connect from your Mac. This ensures that the installation of the older version is clean and free from potential conflicts.
  2. Download DYMO Connect version 1.4.3, which is an original release that retains compatibility with the web service required by Elvanto.
    Use the link provided by DYMO for the download: Download DYMO Connect 1.4.3
    Please note: The provided link directs to the Windows version of the software. DYMO has not provided a separate link for Mac users. We are currently seeking clarification from DYMO regarding the correct version for Mac users and will update this article once more information is available.
  3. Install DYMO Connect 1.4.3 on your Mac following the standard installation process.
  4. Test the web service with Elvanto to confirm that the issue has been resolved and that you can print labels as needed.