Using Print Stations for Mobile and Tablet Printing

Print Stations are computers that have a connected label printer with the required Dymo software. Once setup, you can easily turn on Print Stations for printing from a mobile device, iPad or tablet for Elvanto Check-in.
A Print Station works in the same way as a print queue. Once labels are sent to the Print Station, it will start printing labels on the connected label printer.

Print Station

Important Note: You must have the correct DYMO software installed prior to adding and working with print stations. 📄 More Information: How to Install DYMO Software for Elvanto Label Printing

How to Add a Print Station

Please Note: You only need to set up a print station in Elvanto if your church plans on printing from mobile devices, iPads or Tablets.

  1. Login to your Elvanto account.

  2. Go to Settings > Check-in.

  3. Click on the Label Printing tab.

  4. Find the heading ‘Label Print Stations’ toward the bottom of the page and add a name for your Print Station.

    Label print station

    Please Note: The name of your Print Station doesn’t need to match your Computer Name. We recommend naming your Print Station based on its physical location.

  5. Save changes.

  6. Navigate back to the Check-in page of the service and click on the ‘Start Print Station’ button.
    ❗ Important Note: Print stations will need to have the Dymo software installed.

How to Print Labels from a Print Station

  1. Login to your Elvanto account.

  2. Go to Settings > Check-in.

  3. Click ‘Start Print Station.’

    Start print station

  4. Select the name of the Print Station you’d like to print labels for, and it will open a separate tab on your browser with the following message.

    Choose print station

  5. Leave this page open in a separate tab or window to successfully send print requests from your mobile device.

How to Print Labels From a Mobile Device, iPad or Tablet

To print labels from your internet-enabled mobile device or tablet you must set up a print station under your global settings. Mobile devices can then log into a service's check-in area and select the print station they would like to use. This allows you to print labels from any device or computer that doesn’t have a label printer installed.

  1. Open the Elvanto Check-in page on your mobile device.

  2. Select the Print Station that you would like to print from.

  3. Click confirm.

Default print station

How to Use Multiple Mobile Devices to Print

Print stations allow you to have different stations for your rooms and use them at different locations at once. When printing, simply select the Print Station you want to print to before commencing check-in.

If you have multiple printers connected to the same print station (we recommend no more than 2-3 as this can slow down your printing), you'll need to open multiple print stations from that computer. The system will ask which printer you want to associate with each station if multiple DYMO printers are detected.

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