How to Check People out of a Service

There are multiple ways to check people out of a service.

Search for an individual to check-out

You can check people out the same way as they get checked in. Simply go to the Check-in page (you will need to load up the service you wish to check them out of), search for an individual and click on their name.

Once an individual’s name is clicked, you’ll see a list of the people in the family. From there, you can choose to uncheck the box next to an individual’s name, click on ‘Check-out’ or by clicking ‘Check-out All’.

The different buttons all have a different function.

  • Check-out button: This button checks the individual out of all services

  • Check-out All button: This button checks all individuals currently on the screen, out of all services shown.

  • Deselecting the service from the list: This checks the individual out of the specific service.

Check-out via Room

You can also choose to load all individuals checked into a specific room. You can do this from the check-in screen, by clicking on the room listed on the left hand side. If you’d like to check-out individuals from all services, you can go to Check-in > Rooms from the Admin Area and view check-ins for all services in specific rooms.

From there, you will be able to either check an individual out, or check an entire room out at once by clicking the ‘Check-out All’ button.

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