How to use a Barcode Scanner with Check-in

Enhance your church's check-in process with the use of barcode scanners, which not only automate check-ins but also facilitate immediate name tag printing. This guide outlines the steps to integrate barcode scanners with Elvanto, streamlining your attendees' arrival experience.

By pairing a barcode scanner with Dymo printers, you can create an efficient check-in system. Scanning an individual's barcode will check them in instantly, and their name tag will print automatically if connected to a Dymo printer.

Essential Equipment

For each check-in station, you'll need a high-quality USB barcode scanner that connects directly to your computer. Quality matters here: higher-end scanners perform quicker scans, keeping the check-in process fast. These scanners typically work straight out of the box without extra software. For mobile or tablet-based check-in systems, such as those using iPads or Android tablets, Bluetooth barcode scanners are available. Ensure compatibility with your devices before purchase.

Barcode Options

Additionally, you'll need to provide barcode-enabled cards or key tags for families to use each week for child check-ins—similar to gym or retail loyalty cards. These can be custom-ordered to feature your church's logo and are available from various online or local vendors. Just search for 'barcode key tags' to find suitable options.


Managing Barcodes in Elvanto

Adding Security Codes to Profiles

  1. Navigate to Settings > Check-In.
  2. Scroll down to Security Codes and make the following selections:
    1. Allow family members to use the same security code.
    2. Manually add a code at first check-in.
    3. Choose your desired security code length and characters.
  3. Click Save.

Importing Security Codes to Profiles

  1. Download a sample CSV file found here to prepare your import file (optional)
  2. Navigate to People > Import
  3. Upload your CSV file, select People under Type,  and select the applicable date format (if dates are used in your import file).
  4. Follow the prompt to match your fields, choose to keep or overwrite existing fields, etc. 
  5. Click continue to start the import process.
    Note: You can find more information about the import process here


Using Quick Check In (Barcode Scanning)

To check people in follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Services > Upcoming Services > select Check In for the service and service time you would like to launch Quick Check In for.
  2. Review your Settings and print a test label (if you are using a label printer).
  3. Select Self Check-In > Quick (Barcode Scanner) and select whether your device has a touch screen or mouse and if you would like to print labels.

  4. Scan your barcode to receive the following success message

    Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 10.04.44 AM.png

  5. Note: Quick Check-In will bring up a confirmation page to manually confirm the check in if:
    1. The person can be checked into multiple rooms 
    2. The person can be checked into multiple services 


Using the Barcode Reader for Check Out

Barcode scanners are just as effective for check-out as they are for check-in, offering a secure and swift way to manage attendee exits. Scanning a barcode retrieves the associated individual's details in the same manner as entering their name manually but with added speed and security.

When you scan the barcode at the end of the event, it will promptly check out the person and anyone else linked to that same security code.

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