Getting started with the Check-in System

What the Check-in system is (and how it works)

The Check-in system is designed primarily to allow you to check children into services and to keep track of who has attended (when they arrive and when they leave). The check-in system can also be used in conjunction with barcode scanners and label printers to allow staff to correctly identify parents and children.

The labels that are printed using the check-in system can also be customized to show important information such as the parents contact details or any custom fields such as allergies, or medical requirements.

Before you continue, make sure you have read our article about what the check-in system is and we also provide some children ministry guides that will assist your children’s ministry to get set up in Elvanto.

Configuring Check-in Settings

Firstly, you’ll want to set up your Check-in Settings. To change your Check-in settings, simply go to the Settings page, once page has loaded, select Check-in.

Here you can change how labels are printed, configure label design and formatting, security & session code settings or customize the name of the print stations.

You can also limit the number of labels that a user can print using the self check in screen.

People and Demographic Progressions

The next step is to check if your individuals have ‘Date of Birth’ or ‘Grade’ fields entered. If so, this is a handy way to get people quickly checked into specific rooms.  Rooms set up this way works with demographic progression to properly assign the person either using their age (using Date of Birth) and grade set for children.

Setting up Rooms for Check-in

Once demographics have been properly applied to people, then you could assign the demographics to specific rooms by following this article. Once individuals are checked into services, then they should be automatically assigned to the rooms set for their demographics.

Setting up Label Printers

If you are going to print check-in labels for adults or children, then you’ll need to to setup your DYMO label printers. If you are wanting to use wireless devices to check people in, then we’re able to cater for this option too.
📄 More Information: How to Install DYMO Software for Elvanto Label Printing

Using the Check-in System

Once all the necessary settings and resources have been set up, all you’ll need to do is to do a test run of the Check-in System. We’ve written an article for you to familiarize with our Check-in Interface. When performing Check-ins to your Services, you can our Check-in feature to process people checking in, checking out or by using the Self Check-in page for parents who want to check their children in, without accessing Admin areas.

Generating Reports

Once people have been checked into a few services, then you’ll be able to view room attendance, absentees, and overall check-in attendance for a period of dates.

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