Editing People

Editing people’s details in Elvanto is super simple. Here’s a few ways you can do it:

Search & Edit

The simplest way to edit a person is to search and edit them through the People tab in the Admin area.

Start by searching the person by their name. Then, once you’ve found them, click on their name to access their details, department, and demographics on the edit tab (change to the family tab if you want to update their family, or quickly access family member’s information).

If you have permission to edit their details, you can go right ahead! Just remember to click ‘save’ once you’re done.

What to do with duplicates

Duplicates can be a real pain. Sometimes, you even get duplicates with errors on both copies. Never fear! You can merge duplicates while selecting which information you want to keep. See this link for a step-by-step walkthrough.


While you may need to correct a couple of issues yourself, self-editing is the most convenient way to keep people’s details up-to-date. There are two ways to do this:


Send out a form to all of your users, asking for them to check and update their details.

Member updates

You can allow your members to update their own information. To do this, you’ll have to update your system settings (or ask a system admin to do so) to allow your members editing privileges.

Member updates vs Forms

These features are very similar, in that they allow members to edit their own information. In fact, if you embed your form into a page in the member area, they become even more similar!

The main differences are that forms can be set up to ask admin permission before updating details, and forms can be sent with reminders, to give your members more convenience.

Editing en masse

Instead of going through each individual profile, or hounding 40 people to get on to the system and update things themselves, large changes can be made with just a few clicks.

Let’s say your church is opening a new location, and you’ve been tasked with updating the location of all the people who are going to use it. Assume that most people in the surrounding area are going to move to this new location.

Start by performing an advanced search including all people from the surrounding suburbs (learn how to perform an advanced search at this link). Use the select all button at the top left of the list, then deselect anyone you don’t want to update. Then, perform a Mass Manage, updating these people’s location.

See how to perform a Mass Manage at this link.

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