Adding Batches and Transactions

Batches and Transactions are far less scary once you get to know them!

Once you understand the difference between the terms, adding batches and transactions are just as easy as following a simple process. 

Transactions vs Batches

Transactions are simply individual payments made to your church.
Batches are any collection of payments to the church. Mostly, your batches will line up with each time you collect an offering or have donations made. All transactions will be linked to a batch.

Visit this page to see how to add batches.

Visit this page to see how to add transactions.

For more information on batches and transactions, take a look at our Financial tab in the Elvanto How To's section.

When do I need a new batch?

Each church does this slightly differently, but generally, you should make a new batch for each set of transactions. For example, if you input all the offerings for a week at once, then that’s one batch. But, if you input each offering from a different service, that’s another batch for each different service.

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