Adding and Managing Files

Files are a really easy way to share documents among your active users.

Adding files

Adding files into Elvanto is easy, but there are a couple of places you can go wrong.

Storage limit

We currently have a 10GB storage limit for each Elvanto church account. This is normally plenty for church and membership policies, ministry handbooks, or maybe even the monthly bulletin. However, large unnecessary files (great as the full recording of your church’s production of Handel’s Messiah may be) quickly chew up this space and make it impossible for more important documents to be stored.

We also recommend cleaning out these files regularly. When it comes to storage space, it’s as simple as the old adage: waste not; want not.

Access permissions

Do you want everyone to be able to see this document? Sure, some documents are best made public (like flyers for the upcoming church picnic), but others (like the church worship ministry handbook) may be best locked down to a specific demographic, location, or department.

Organizing documents

Have you ever had to scroll through a never-ending list of documents trying to find the right ‘Untitled 2’ that you want? Saving documents under an appropriate name, and in an appropriate folder will save you, and anyone else wanting to access the file, tons of time. Folders are also an easy way to apply Access Permissions to similar documents.

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