How to Track Service Attendance for Past Services

You can record attendance statistics for previous months or years to create reports for your historical attendance, even if they were recorded in another Church Management System or by hand. This can be done by adding and editing multiple services for past dates.

Steps to Add Custom Statistics in Service Settings

  1. Navigate to the Service settings.
  2. Create a custom reporting field under the ‘Custom Statistics’ section. Refer to the ‘Custom Statistics’ heading in our How to Track Service Reporting article.

Steps to Add Your Past Services

  1. Go to the Services area.
  2. Add services for every interval (i.e., monthly/yearly intervals) you would like to report on. For example, to record attendance figures for services created on the last Sunday of each month, add a service for each of these dates.
  3. Since you’ve created multiple services, you’ll be directed to the ‘Edit Multiple Services’ page. Learn more about Editing Multiple Services.
  4. Once the page loads, open the ‘Services Reporting’ section.
  5. After adding your services, you can edit the Service Reporting one by one. If recording in weekly intervals seems overwhelming, consider recording in monthly or yearly intervals instead.

Things to Consider

  • Recording attendance statistics in monthly or yearly intervals may be more manageable than weekly intervals.
  • Custom statistics fields can help track specific data points relevant to your church’s needs.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your historical attendance data is accurately recorded and easily accessible for reporting purposes.

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