How to Report on Services

To report on services, simply go to Reports > All Built-in Reports > Services.

Service Attendance Reports

There are 3 built-in Service Attendance reports that can be generated to report on Services. For each of the Service Attendance reports, you can choose to filter by Date Range, Service Types or by Locations.

Service Reporting (Statistics)

This report shows graphs and statistics based on quantitative data inputted into Service Reporting through Individual Service Attendance. You can also choose to generate this report as a Table, Line Chart, Bar Chart or as a Column Chart.

Service Reporting (Detailed)

This report shows you one service per row but can provide more information such as viewing notes that have been added as a Custom Statistics in Service Settings.

Service Individual Attendance

This report displays a list of people who attended or did not attend a service. For more information on recording service individual attendance, please visit this article.

This report can be filtered to only people who attended a set number of services over a time frame, or those that did not attend.

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