Reports To Person

When a person declines or confirms being scheduling onto a service, a notice is sent to their ‘Reports To’ person.

You can assign a ‘reports to’ person for sub-departments and positions. This is where you define who the volunteers report to within each department, whether that be a department leader, or a leader based on the service location.

If an individual always report to the same person no matter where they serve, you can also set a ‘Reports To’ person within their profile.

Which ‘Reports to’ do I use?

There are four different areas to set ‘Reports To’ people.

  • On a person’s profile

  • On an individual position

  • On a sub-department

  • On a service team

If you have individual leaders looking after entire sub-departments, you will want to set the ‘Reports to’ person at the sub-department level. If your leaders only look after individual positions, however, set them at the ‘Reports to’ level. We only recommend using ‘Reports to’ on an individual person basis for pastoral care and reference reasons.

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