How to Track Service Reporting

When you record individual service attendance for existing people, built-in statistics will automatically generate data covering various areas. Additionally, you can create custom statistics to suit your specific reporting needs.

Built-in Statistics

  • Built-in statistics automatically generate data when you record individual service attendance for existing people.

Custom Statistics

To create custom service reporting statistics:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on the Services link.
  3. Under ‘Service Reporting’, drag in different objects such as headings, reporting fields, note fields, or separators.
  4. Arrange the objects in an order that suits you, and type out the preferred names.

Steps to Enter Service Statistics

  1. Edit a service.
  2. Click the Reporting tab.
  3. Edit custom statistics by clicking the Edit button to the right of the statistic name.
  4. Click Save to continue.

Limiting What Custom Statistics Can Be Reported On

To choose what reporting to use for different services:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Service Types.
  2. Click on the Reporting Template tab.
  3. By default, all statistics show up. Hide the ones you don’t wish to record for a specific service type.

Things to Consider

  • Custom statistics can be tailored to suit your church’s specific needs.
  • Built-in statistics provide a comprehensive overview of service attendance without additional setup.
  • Limiting custom statistics for specific service types ensures that you only record relevant data.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage both built-in and custom statistics to gain insightful data about your church services.