Customizing and Printing Name Tags

In this article, we will look at how to customize your name tag templates as well as how to print your name tags. 

Customizing Your Name Tag Templates

To create custom name tag templates, navigate to Settings and once the page loads, click Formatting.

From there, scroll down the page to the ‘Labels’ heading.

To begin, fill in a name for the template, then enter the data you want the name tag to contain. Name tags use short-codes and placeholders to get their information and formatting, so add and drag the fields into each template how you’d like it displayed. You can format labels to change how the labels and name tags are formatted, and placeholders control what information is included. You can view a list of available placeholders here.

Printing your Name Tags

First, you will just need to export the people you wish to print name tags for :)

After this, change the export format to ‘Generate Name Tags’ and select the name tag template you wish to use.

This generates a .PDF file that you can print for your name tags, as shown below. If the person does not have the information needed for the placeholder, it is simply skipped.


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