Viewing Profile Activity

The Profile Activity tab serves as your centralized hub for tracking the engagement of individuals within your church/organization community.

Note: You will need to be a Super Admin or have the following set of Access Permissions assigned to your user profile:

  • Admin Area: People > Allow Access to People + View Profiles + View Activity (optional: allow viewing sent email and SMS content)
    • To view Financial Activity: assign Access to Financial
    • To view Form Activity: assign Access to Forms

How to Access Profile Activity

Simply navigate to the Activity tab on a person's profile to gain comprehensive insights into their interactions:

      • Logged Activity (captures any changes related to a user’s profile and documents SMS/email activity)
      • Service Attendance Activity
      • Financial Activity
      • Group Attendance Activity
      • Form Submission Activity
      • Check-In Activity
      • Upcoming Service Schedule
      • Past Service Schedule

For a focused view, you can hide certain activity from your current view by clicking the Filter drop down menu.

In conclusion, the Profile Activity tab offers a vital tool for monitoring and understanding individual engagement within your church or organization community. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of various activities, from logged changes to service attendance and financial transactions. With the Activity tab, staying informed and connected has never been easier.

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