How to Create a People View

Creating People Views in Elvanto offers a plethora of benefits for efficiently managing and contacting your members. With the ability to generate an unlimited number of Views, you gain the power to swiftly filter through your database based on specific criteria that you define. Whether you're targeting specific demographics, groups, or roles, People Views allow for precise segmentation. Let's learn how to set up your first People View.

  1. Login to your Elvanto Admin account.

  2. Click on the People section in the main menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Click on View Drop Down at the top of the page and scroll to find the Create People View option under Custom Views. 
  4. Under Details 
    • Provide the Name of this view (this is what will be used to find the view)
    • Provide a description for the view
    • Choose a Category for the View
  5. Next, specify your filter criteria
    1. Display your results by individuals or by family units.
    2. Match your results by all or any criteria. You may also choose to create your own advanced filter logic. 
    3. Select your criteria from a variety of built in and custom fields. Click the plus button to add and the minus button to remove criteria from your View. 
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the fields to display within your View by dragging and dropping fields from Available Fields to the Fields to Display area. You can also use drag and drop to rearrange your display fields. Alternatively, you can also utilize the plus symbol to add and the minus symbol to remove fields. Specify how to sort your results with the 'Sort by' option. 
  7. Lastly, click 'Save'.

In conclusion, mastering the creation of People Views in Elvanto unlocks a host of benefits for efficiently managing and engaging with your members. To learn more, head on over to our related article to explore editing, deleting, and sharing your People Views. 

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