How to set up Advanced Filter Logic for Reports and People Views

When creating a Report or a People View in Elvanto, you have various options for specifying your filter criteria. One powerful option is the 'Advanced: Create your own logic' feature. This guide will explain how to use advanced filter logic to customize your reports and views effectively.

Steps to Use Advanced Filter Logic

  1. Access the Report or People View:

    • Navigate to the section where you want to create a report or view.
    • Click on ‘Add Custom Report’ or ‘People View’.
  2. Specify Filter Criteria:

    • Choose the ‘Advanced: Create your own logic’ option.
  3. Understand Filter Numbers:

    • Next to each filter item, you will see numbers. These numbers help you define the logic sequence.
    • For example, the filter logic may look like this:
      • (1 OR 2 OR 3) AND 4
      • 4 AND (1 OR 2) AND 3
      • (1 AND 2) OR (2 AND 3)
      • 4 AND ((1 AND 2) OR 3)
  4. Set Logic Using Brackets:

    • Use brackets to prioritize certain filters.
    • Example:
      • (1 OR 2 OR 3) AND 4 will first consider the results of (1 OR 2 OR 3) and then apply the condition 4.
      • 4 AND (1 OR 2) AND 3 will apply condition 4 first, then (1 OR 2), and finally 3.
  5. Apply Complex Logic:

    • Combine multiple conditions for more complex logic:
      • Example:
        • (1 AND 2) OR (2 AND 3)
        • 4 AND ((1 AND 2) OR 3)
  6. Note the Limitations:

    • Currently, only AND or OR statements are accepted.
    • NOT, NOR, XOR, and NAND statements are not supported.
  7. Remember the Differences:

    • OR: Shows results that match any of the criteria, providing more results.
    • AND: Shows results that match all of the criteria, providing fewer results.

By using advanced filter logic, you can create highly customized reports and views that precisely match your criteria. This feature allows for flexibility and precision in your data management tasks.

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