How to Create a Standard Report

You can create your own standard reports by specifying a criteria of who you’d like to report on. You can then export the generated reports into formats like Excel XLS, CSV, PDF and even save in your ‘Saved Reports’ page for future reference.

To create a report, go into the Admin Area and navigate to Reports > Add Custom Report > Standard Report.

Setting up a Standard Report

Report Details

Once the page loads, you can then give your report a name and description, and choose to use the report as a People View.

Display As

Choose whether to display the report for Individuals or for Families.

Specify Filter Criteria

This is where you would filter information to be displayed in your report. You’re also able to set up your filter logic to match any, match all or to create your own filter logic:

Once this has been set up, you can add your filter criteria for the report. Click the green ‘plus’ icon to add multiple criteria.

Display Fields for Reports & People Views

You can choose what columns you wish to display in your report by ‘drag and dropping’ fields into either the ‘Reports’ or ‘People Views’ columns.

Sorting Display Fields for Reports & People Views

This is where you can create a sort order for your display fields for your report or people views. You currently can sort display fields to two levels.

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