How to Create Custom Name Tag Templates

Steps to Create Custom Name Tag Templates

  1. Navigate to Settings: Go to the Admin Area and click on Settings.

  2. Click Formatting: Once the page loads, click on Formatting.

  3. Scroll to ‘Labels’ Heading: Scroll down the page to find the ‘Labels’ section.

  4. Name the Template: Fill in a name for the template.

  5. Enter Data for Name Tag: Enter the data you want the name tag to contain.

Using Short-codes and Placeholders

  • Add and Drag Fields: Use short-codes and placeholders to get the information and formatting you need. Add and drag the fields into the template as you’d like them displayed.
  • Format Labels: Learn more about formatting labels.
  • Placeholders: Control what information is included using placeholders. View a list of available placeholders.

By following these steps, you can create custom name tag templates to fit your needs.

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