How to add Formatting to Labels

What are shortcodes?

Shortcodes are used in similar places as Placeholders, but instead of referencing a users data, they are used to format text when a more conventional text editor can’t be used. The most common place for Shortcodes to be used is Label Templates.

How to use a shortcode

To use a shortcode, simply type the appropriate shortcode in, with the text you wish to format between the start and end.

These are the shortcodes available with Elvanto.

  1. [b]…[/b] – Bolds the text

  2. [center]…[/center] – Centers the text

  3. [size=??]…[/size] – Sets the font size to the size indicated by the value ??

Please note that Check In labels can not use the [center] shortcode.

For information on the Placeholders used in this template, read this article.