How to add Formatting to Labels

What are shortcodes?

Shortcodes are used in similar places as Placeholders, but instead of referencing a users data, they are used to format text when a more conventional text editor can’t be used. The most common place for Shortcodes to be used is Label Templates.

How to use a shortcode

To use a shortcode, simply type the appropriate shortcode in, with the text you wish to format between the start and end.

These are the shortcodes available with Elvanto.

  1. [b]…[/b] – Bolds the text

  2. [center]…[/center] – Centers the text

  3. [size=??]…[/size] – Sets the font size to the size indicated by the value ??

Please note that Check In labels can not use the [center] shortcode.

Below is an example of an address label template using Shortcodes. For information on the Placeholders used in this template, read this article.

Below is an name tag generated using available shortcodes. As you can see, all the text has been aligned to the centre of the label, with the last name and  in a larger font than the rest of the label.

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