How to add a Logo to a Check-in Label

You can add a logo to your check-in labels easily via the Settings link in the header. Once the page loads, click on the Check-in link. Here we will explain how you should format your logo to make it look right on your labels.

Supported formats

Supported logo formats are JPG, GIF and PNG.


The logo does not have to be black and white, but the label printers we support can not print in color.


The size of the logo you upload does not matter. Our system will resize it to fit on the label. One thing to take into consideration is the amount of padding (or white/colored space) around your logo. You might want to crop it to the edge of your logo as the more space around the logo, the smaller the logo will appear on the label.

Address (28 x 89mm) and Large Address (36 x 89mm)

Logos on these label sizes will be placed on the right hand side of the label. We recommend your logo be as square as possible otherwise it will be cut off on the right hand side. It is best to use an icon for these label sizes.

Large Address (54 x 70mm) and Shipping (54 x 101mm)

Logos for these labels will be placed at the top of the label above the text. The logo can be square or rectangle. These label sizes are better if you would like to display your full logo on the labels.

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