Elvanto Labels Overview

What Size Labels Work with Elvanto Check-in? 

We support various label sizes. The labels you use must be landscape orientation to fit all information and logos.

To view or change your label size, log into your account, go to Settings > Check-in, and select the Label Printing tab. If we don’t support your label size, email us and we’ll try to add it for you.

Customizing Label Designs and Information

The template for your check-in labels can be customized to suit your needs. Under Settings > Check-in, there is a section for changing the label templates. You can drag in custom fields and add a logo to the label. When printed, the information on the labels will line up with the information stored for the individual on their profile.

You can also use the following short-codes to help format your labels:

  • [b]Text Goes Here[/b] – Bolds the text between [b] and [/b]

  • [size=??]Text Goes Here[/size] – Sets the size of the text between the tags to the given value. Please note that the exact size varies, depending on the amount of text on the label.

❗ Important Note: At this time, label formatting will only allow for left-side alignment.

Examples of Labels

Below are some example labels that have been printed and the template settings that were used to generate these labels.

All example labels are printed on a Large Address (70 x 54mm) sized label with no logo. Changing the label size or adding a logo to your label will affect how these are printed.

❗ Important Note: Elvanto can not currently create return labels.

Default Label

This is the default label when you create your account. It combines the Full Name and Security Code fields of the youth checked in and the room they are being checked into.


Allergies and School Grade Information

The below label includes a bit more information about the youth, including the Age, School Grade, and Allergies fields.

[b][size=30][firstname] [lastname][/size][/b]
Age: [age] | Grade: [school_grade] | Allergies: [custom_c942d999-0331-11e5-bd65-06e37142e2e1]

To use this template, replace ‘[custom_c942d999-0331-11e5-bd65-06e37142e2e1]’ with the relevant short-code for your accounts allergies field.