What the MailChimp Integration can do

The MailChimp Integration is often used to help streamline churches communication channels and keep peoples data up-to-date between the two services.

What the Integration can do

The integration is simply designed to do the following:

  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe individuals to mailing lists from within their profile.
  • Update a persons email address in MailChimp when their details change in Elvanto.

What the Integration doesn’t do

The integration is not designed to do the following:

  • Change how emails are sent in Elvanto so that they get sent through MailChimp
  • Allow you to subscribe to people via Mass Manage, Form or Flow actions
  • Allow you to generate reports based on peoples subscription status in MailChimp
  • Automatically sync all your contacts details to MailChimp
  • Automatically unsubscribe people from MailChimp lists when archiving them in Elvanto


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