What the MailChimp Integration can do

Enhance your church's communication strategy with the Elvanto-MailChimp Integration, designed to simplify and synchronize your digital outreach efforts. This integration efficiently manages subscriptions within individual profiles and updates email addresses in MailChimp to reflect changes made in Elvanto. However, it's tailored to specific functionalities, not altering Elvanto's email sending process, subscribing people in bulk actions, generating MailChimp subscription reports, syncing all contact details automatically, or unsubscribing individuals in MailChimp when archived in Elvanto. For accurate data management, always update names or email addresses in Elvanto for seamless MailChimp synchronization.

What the Integration can do

The integration is simply designed to do the following:

  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe individuals to mailing lists from within their profile.
  • Update a persons email address in MailChimp when their details change in Elvanto.

What the Integration doesn’t do

The integration is not designed to do the following:

  • Change how emails are sent in Elvanto so that they get sent through MailChimp
  • Allow you to subscribe to people via Mass Manage, Form or Flow actions
  • Allow you to generate reports based on peoples subscription status in MailChimp
  • Automatically sync all your contacts details to MailChimp
  • Automatically unsubscribe people from MailChimp lists when archiving them in Elvanto

Need to change a name or email address?

We recommend making changes in Elvanto to ensure data is current.

If you change a name or email address in Elvanto, it will automatically update it in your MailChimp account. However, it is important to note that if you update a name or email address in MailChimp, this will not be synced to Elvanto. 

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