How to Change the Columns that are Displayed when Viewing People

Tailor your People Views in Elvanto to show the information that matters most to you. By customizing the columns displayed, you can streamline your administrative tasks and ensure that essential data is at your fingertips.

Setting up Default Columns in People Settings

  1. Navigate to People Settings:

    • Login to your Elvanto Admin account.
    • Go to Settings and select People once the page loads.
  2. Configure Default Fields:

    • Find the ‘Default Fields to Display’ heading.
    • Here, you can set the default columns to show for your account. All People Views will use this setting unless defined otherwise by other methods.

Setting up People Category Columns

  1. Edit People Category:

    • Navigate to the People section in the Admin Area.
    • Select a specific People Category you want to customize.
  2. Customize Columns:

    • Scroll to the bottom of the People Category page.
    • Click and drag the columns you’d like to display for this category.

Setting up People View Columns

  1. Navigate to People Views:

    • Go to the People section in the Admin Area.
    • Select or create a People View you want to customize.
  2. Customize Columns:

    • Click and drag the fields you want to display in this People View.

By setting up and customizing these views, you ensure that the most relevant information is always easily accessible, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your administrative tasks in Elvanto.