How to Customize Your Menu

Your menu is what members and volunteers will see when they log into their accounts. Editing this will allow or restrict what pages they are able to view. In this article we will cover how to adjust your members menu. To learn more about editing your layout view our how to edit your layout article.

  1. Log into your Elvanto account.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Layouts.
  4. Select your Default Layout, an existing layout.
  5. Select Menu Editor.
  6. Add Built-in pages
    Note: Check the box next to the page you would like to add then select + Add to Menu.
  7. Add a Custom Link.
    NoteThis is helpful for connecting users to websites our links outside of Elvanto. An example could be to direct users to a social media page.
  8. Select Post Categories.
    Note: Learn more about setting up post categories and their use here: How to use post categories 
  9. Edit s specific tab by selecting the down area on the right hand of the tab.
    Note: This will allow you to rename the table or remove the tab from your menu completely.


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