How to Modify the Navigation Menu

Customize your church's member area navigation with Elvanto's Menu Editor. Tailor each layout's menu for optimal content access, creating a user-friendly experience for your congregation. Ensure the menu reflects your church's unique needs, from built-in features to custom URLs.

Steps to Edit the Menu:

  1. Navigate to the Admin area in Elvanto.
  2. Select Settings and then Layouts.
  3. Choose Menu Editor beside the layout you want to modify.
  4. Add Menu Items:
    • Use the sidebar to add menu items like Elvanto features, pages, categories, files, or custom URLs.
  5.  Click Add to Menu for your selected items.
  6. Drag and drop items to reorder the menu.
  7. Create sub-menus by indenting items under a main menu item.
    Note: You can have up to two levels of sub-menus.
  8. Review your menu layout.
  9. Click Save to apply the changes.

Who Sees What?

  • Menu visibility is dynamic and based on individual user permissions and lockdowns.
  • Items related to restricted areas or content will be hidden from users without access.


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