Deleting a Person

Caution: Deleting a person has multiple impacts. Understand them fully before proceeding.


  • Account Access: The deleted individual can't log in or access their account.
  • Groups: They're removed from all group memberships.
  • Volunteering: Their name is removed from any service rosters.
  • Transactions: Their linked transactions will display as "Unknown".


  1. Suspend: Instead of deleting, block account access by marking their status as 'Suspended' within a person's 'Account and Volunteering' tab.
  2. Archive: Keep their details without permanently deleting.
  3. Learn more about changing a person's status here

Delete Methods:

  1. From Profile: Navigate to the person's profile, select 'Delete' within the sidebar Actions menu. 
  2. Mass Manage: Use Advanced Search or People View. Select the people by clicking the check box that corresponds to their name. Once all people are selected, scroll down to the ‘Mass Manage’ heading. In the dropdown, select ‘Delete’, and click on ‘Perform Mass Manage’.

Note: Accidentally deleted someone? Contact Tithely Support. We can restore accounts, but only for a limited period.

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