Importing Group Attendance into Elvanto

In Elvanto you can report on attendance to group meetings. Here’s how you can import your historical data.


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Download Sample Import File

There are two ways your information can be formatted.



Group Attendance Format Options

There are two ways your information can be formatted. In both formats, the following values are used to indicate different things.


  • Y – The member attended this group meeting

  • N – The member did not attend this group meeting

  • (Blank) – The member was not a member of the group at on this date

Multiple Groups

If all members of a group are blank for a specific date/time, no meeting is recorded for that date.


Single Group

This format is great for importing attendance of a single group. An attendance report will be created for each date with the specified people marked as attending or not attending


Performing Your Import

To perform the import, log into your Elvanto account and navigate to the Admin Area. Navigate to Groups Import. Once the page has loaded, select the format of your file, and if you’re importing a single group select the group, upload your file and press the ‘Continue’ button to start the import. You can also choose to create new people or skip new people if any are found in the import file.


Your import file will then upload to our server. Depending on the size of your import file and the speed of your internet connection, this may take some time. From here, follow the prompts to complete the process.


Once your import is complete, you will receive a notification and a record of how many records were added.


Need us to review your import file?


Our customer service team can review your import file prior to you performing the import. Feel free to contact us at any time at the chat bubble below.

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