Importing Overview & What To Set Up Before You Import

Now that your account has all the data it needs to import, we can now start thinking about importing data from your existing database.

There’s a few steps to follow when working with an import file, but the process itself is broken down into just a few main components:

  1. Exporting any relevant data from your current database

  2. Preparing the import file (and double checking it!)

  3. Performing the import

We’ll walk through each of these steps in the articles below to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

What To Set Up Before You Import

We recommend starting with configuring the data within your CSV first, and then adding new fields as you move forward with the Elvanto system. You can always revisit these when you’re ready!

Need us to review your account prior to importing?

Our customer service team are happy to check your account prior to import to ensure you’re ready to go! Feel free to contact us and we can give advice and review your import files! Just click on the chat bubble at the bottom right corner :) 

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