Tithely and Elvanto Single Sign On FAQ

How do I set up Tithely Elvanto Single Sign On?

Who can utilize the Tithely to Elvanto SSO?

  • Account Owner - yes 
  • Admin user - yes
  • Limited Access user - not currently supported

When does a profile get added to Elvanto and upgraded to a Super Admin in Elvanto?

  • When a new Admin from Tithely selects ChMS in their Tithely account and is redirected to Elvanto they will be added as a super admin immediately.
  • If the new admin has a profile in Elvanto it will automatically connect based on email. If there is no profile in Elvanto a new profile and Super admin will be created based on the details of the Tithely Admin profile.
  • If you have existing limited access users on your Tithely account that you update to be Admins they will become super admins in Elvanto as well. 

What about existing Tithely Admins, are they now super admins in Elvanto?

  • If they have a profile in Elvanto they will become a super admin in Elvanto as soon as they are added as an admin in Tithely. 
  • If they do not have a profile in Elvanto a new profile and super admin will be created once the Tithely admin selects ChMS from their Tithely Dashboard.

What happens when I remove an Admin or Account Owner in Tithely?

  • If you downgrade a current Tithely admin or account owner to a limited access user or remove all privileges they will no longer be Super Admins in Elvanto.
  • If that user has access permissions set up in Elvanto these will become the default permissions in Elvanto regardless of status in Tithely.

What happens when I remove an Admin or Account Owner in Tithely AND Delete their people profile from Tithely?

  • When you remove admin privileges in Tithely this will remove their super admin access in Elvanto and revert to any access permissions in their Elvanto profile. 
  • When you delete a user/admin in Tithely this will not completely delete a user from Elvanto as well.


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